Parenting Support

1:1 Parenting Support

My role is to support and sustain you in the parenting balancing act helping your children thrive and your family flourish.

I guide and support you 1:1 over Zoom to help your child and you better manage typical challenging behaviours.

My 30 years + experience as a Children’s Therapist, Educator and a Mom helps you to strengthen your connection and relationship with your child.

Parent Coach Eithne Drinan helps parents with intensive parenting support

Parenting is challenging and navigating the journey takes courage.

My role and responsibility to my 1:1 client is:

  • Supporting and sustaining you in the balancing act of Parenting and Co-Parenting.
  • Developing ways to strengthen your connection with your child and understand their stage of development.
  • Helping you to learn the tools and language to allow you to hear your child or young adult’s voice with empathy and emotional intelligence.
  • Strategies to reduce your stress and manage co-regulation.
  • I will help you feel less worried and more confident in managing typical challenging behaviours.
  • Help you find greater joy and fun with your child.

1:1 Six Parenting Support Sessions

1:1 Four Parenting Support Sessions

Top Up Phone Support

Fifteen minutes €25

Top Up Zoom Support Call

Thirty minutes €50

1:1 Six Parenting Support Sessions

Here is what’s included…


Option 1

One payment of €1,249

Option 2

Two payments of €649

Option 3

Three payments of €449

1:1 Four Parenting Support Sessions

Here is what’s included…


Option 1

One payment of €949

Option 2

Two payments of €499

If this interests you:

Book a free 15 mins Clarity Call

This is an opportunity to explore together your needs and expectations, to decide if we are a good fit for each other.
Once we have agreed your start date and time, I email a link for you to complete the questionnaire and contract, along with your booking and payment details.
Cancellation Policy
There is a 48- hour cancellation policy. At any one time, I support a limited number of parents 1:1. It is intense work for me and you, limiting my numbers allows me to give a better quality service. Parents have their agreed bi-weekly time and day and moving appointments is not easily done or advantageous to your process. However, if you give me more than 48 hours notice, you will not be charged my €100 cancellation fee.


"Eithne brings her extensive knowledge and experience together to provide a kind, understanding and supportive environment in which to help parents and their children grow into better relationships. She has made a massive difference to the ways in which we interact as a family now."
"Tugann Eithne a h-eolas agus a taithí fhairsing le chéile chun timpeallacht chineálta, tuisceanach agus thacúil a chur ar fáil, chun cabhrú le tuismitheoirí agus a leanaí fás i gcaidrimh níos fearr. Tá difríocht ollmhór déanta aici do na bealaí ina mbaineann muid mar theaghlach anois."
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