Half Day Parenting Support

Supporting and sustaining you in the balancing act

This is an intensive half day session, which gives us an opportunity to explore what is happening in your family and develop strategies to manage and move towards greater wellness. The aim is, to strengthen your connection with your child, understand their stage of development, your child’s behaviours and grow your confidence in your parenting skills.
Children sitting in the kitchen during an Intensive Half Day Parenting Support
Children hugging Mom during Intensive Parenting Support Session

How Half Day Intensive Parenting Support works

The session is broken up with a half hour break.

  • The first half of the session will be for me to fully understand the family dynamics, history and experiences happening right now.
  • The second half is guiding you through tools and language to allow you to hear your child or young adult’s voice with empathy and emotional intelligence. I share strategies with you to reduce your stress and better manage co-regulation.

The Half Day Intensive Parenting Support works very well for parents who are already participating on either of my parenting online programmes and feel they would benefit from 1:1 guidance. It is not essential for this to be the case, however it usually maximises the benefits.

Half Day Intensive Parenting Support


If this interests you here are the steps:

Here's what's included:

  • Questionnaire to be completed five days before your Intensive Parenting Support.
  • Sessions are on Zoom, you will receive a link once you have booked.
  • Contract which explains our agreement.
  • A follow up support call. At the end of our session we book in your Zoom call for 2 weeks later. This call is for approximately 20 minutes and gives us an opportunity to complete our work together.
Co-Parenting Coaching and Online workshops support employees who are parents stressed at home

If this interests you here are the steps:

Free Call

Book your appointment – the link will bring you to a 15 minutes clarity call to ensure we are the right fit for each other. This call does not commit you to working with me.


Once we have agreed your start date and time, I email a link for you to complete the questionnaire and contract, along with booking and payment details, which all need to be done in advance of our sessions.
Cancellation Policy
There is a 48 hour cancellation policy. At any one time, I support a limited number of parents 1:1. It is intense work for me and you, limiting my numbers allows me to give a better quality service. Parents have their agreed bi-weekly time and day and moving appointments is not easily done or advantageous to your process. However, if you give me more than 48 hours notice, you will not be charged my €100 cancellation fee.

Book a free 15 Minutes Clarity Call with Eithne

Find out if you are a great match to work together.
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