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Funeral Celebrant Ceremonies

As your Funeral Celebrant I meet with you and the family in person (if local) or on Zoom to get a strong sense of the life of the deceased. This allows me to write a ceremony that empowers, includes and comforts those grieving.

I collaborate with local funeral homes and have officiated at the Island Crematorium, Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Funeral Ceremony

A Funeral Ceremony is the final rite of passage for the deceased and simultaneously acknowledges and signposts the journey for those left to grief and heal.

Memorial Ceremony

Memorial Ceremonies are available, which may include scattering of the deceased ashes.

Pre-plan your Funeral Ceremony

Many people are choosing to meet with me and plan their Funeral Ceremony. Knowing that your loved ones will not feel added stress of writing your Funeral Ceremony is the main feedback along with knowing that your wishes are honoured and followed.

Why choose Courageously Celebrating?

I believe that being a Celebrant is a privilege and a service. As your Celebrant, I write a unique and personalised ceremony for you and yours, based on your life story, your beliefs, values and wishes. I take great care and attention to detail in delivering your ceremony. It will be interactive, inclusive of your guests and most of all memorable.

I perform ceremonies in all sorts of weather and being a local in West Cork I am well used to four seasons in any given day! I am available to travel to whatever destination you choose.

Professionally trained accredited ethical Irish Celebrant and Funeral Celebrant Committal Services Memorial Services Irish Language Services available.
Fancy your entire ceremony or “cúpla focail?"

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