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Courageously Co-Parenting is designed and delivered with you, your service and your client’s needs in mind helping you to work in a child inclusive manner.

Care Workers and Health Practitioners who benefit from our online course

Family resource centres, Counsellors, adult Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Play Therapists, Creative Therapists and Family GP’s are some of the professionals supporting parents who are separating, divorcing and creating parenting plans/ agreements will benefit from Courageously Co-Parenting.

Social care workers discussing co-parenting families
Child and a mom from a co-parenting family looking at the computer
Social care workers and children during a co-parenting family visit

Are you supporting children and parents in
Co-Parenting families?

The last 15 years of my clinical experience with parents, children (from new-born to 16 years) has clearly shown me the growing demand for children’s needs to be at the heart of our collaborative work with families who are
Eithne helps you to support parents in understanding their children’s developmental needs. Her style is inclusive, kind and with a firm empathetic manner in guiding you to empower your clients to create their own child inclusive practical plans. She gives you tools, knowledge and keeps your clients’ children’s needs and voice at the heart and soul of their parenting agreements.
Online resource

Courageously Co-Parenting is a 6 week online education course suitable for parents co-parenting from pregnancy to teenagers.

1:1 or in-groups

As an online course, it is designed for you to use as part of 1:1 sessions and in groups.

Rooted in science

Co-Parenting is rooted in science, expertise and best international research practice.

Access 15 years of expertise

Using Courageously Co-Parenting in your work gives you access to my expertise and my 15 years clinical practice. My aim is to inspire you to empower parents to Co-Parent with compassion, empathy, kindness and in a child inclusive way. This is not always an easy journey and I am here to support you every step of the way.
Co-Parenting Therapist
Parent Coach Eithne Drinan helps parents with intensive parenting support

Ways to use Courageously Co-Parenting as a valuable resource in your practise and organisation

A dad takes online course about co-parenting from home

As a stand alone course at home

1:1 Support Sessions are also available to parents in a position to commit emotionally to their own process and healing. It can be used in a small group to ignite and explore how it’s relevant to your client’s family, their children, their situation, the level of conflict they are experiencing and challenges.

Co-Parenting Coaching and Online workshops support employees who are parents stressed at home

In 1:1 sessions and in groups

Use Courageously Co-Parenting in 1:1 sessions and in groups, watching with your clients using guided discussion questions and reflections included as PDF.

Preview the Courageously
Co-Parenting Online Course

Watch Courageously Co-Parenting short video to get clearer on guiding parents shifting perceptions from demands and expectations of their children regarding time and access alone to understanding what’s best developmentally for their growing child and keep their child’s needs, voice and experience of living in this family at the heart and soul of all their parenting arrangements.

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