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Being a teacher requires an awareness of your student’s well being and their daily experiences.
Child inclusive support for teachers who have children in co-parenting families in their class

15 years of experience working with children

Feeling safe emotionally and physically is a prerequisite for learning.

Eithne’s international teaching experience includes Pre-school, Primary, Secondary and Further Education.

Combined with her child centered play therapy practice of 15 years, infused with knowledge of developmental trauma, relationship trauma, learning styles, learning differences and familial relationship places her work as an invaluable support for you, your classroom and students in Co-Parenting families.

International teaching experience
Child centered play therapy practice

Supports for Teachers

Make time to examine your teacher student relationships. Review any triggers and reflect how you can strengthen your teacher student relationship grounded in international best practice, rooted in developmental science and research in the area of child centredness and teach from a trauma informed perspective.
School workshops with Co-Parenting Therapist about co-parenting and child centered learning

School Workshops

Invite a Co-Parenting Therapist to share her expertise with your teaching colleagues at school.

1:1 Teacher Support Sessions with Co-Parenting Therapist help teachers teach in a child centered way

1:1 Teacher Support Sessions

Let's connect 1:1 to look at challenges you face as a teacher in the classroom.

Start a conversation with Eithne

Let’s talk about child centered education and supports for teachers.
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