Family Life Celebrant

Life Celebrant Ceremonies

As your Family Celebrant I meet you via Zoom to discuss your ideas for the ceremony and to guide you in creating a unique celebration.

With all ceremonies I talk you through Ceremony Enhancements such as Wishing Tree, Wishing Stones and lots more!

Baby Naming

In your child’s Baby Naming Ceremony you are claiming your child into your family. Included are declarations, promises and commitments from parents and guide parents. This ceremony is a celebration that your child belongs in your family, a celebration of new life and new beginnings for your child and your family.

Blended Family Ceremony

A ceremony to celebrate Co-Parenting and your blended family acknowledging each family member's place and enhancing each family members’ sense of belonging within your newly formed family.

Coming of Age Ceremonies

Celebrate this exciting age and stage of your Pre-teen's life individually, with a group of friends or in your school community.

Cóisir na nÓg

Cóisir na nÓg loosely translated is a celebration and party of the young.

I have created this milestone ceremony for children in second class or Rang a dó in the Irish primary school system. Many cultures, traditions celebrate this milestone as children developmentally are more aware of a moral life. Seven and eight year old children are choosing to be respectful and responsible in their interactions with peers, their parents and in their community. Typically children of this age and stage are developing their emotional intelligence, including empathy and becoming steadily more confident in themselves and their abilities in all areas of their lives.

With your child’s family and clan gathered Cóisir na nÓg is a joy filled ceremony 100% child centered and child inclusive. Typical themes woven throughout include community and culture, our environment, the importance of being empathic and respectful. Last and not least many children choose a charity project in the months before their Cóisir na nÓg Ceremony which is woven into the ceremony.

Cóisir na nÓg can be celebrated individually, with a group of friends or in a whole school community.

Coming of Age Ceremony for your

Celebrate this exciting age and stage of your Pre-Teen’s life individually, with a group of friends or in your school community.

Coming of Age ceremonies have been celebrated from as far back as humans remember and on every continent. It warms my heart to see this rite of passage re-introduced whilst recognising influences of our modern day culture and society on our pre-teens and teens.

Your Coming of Age ceremony is created with your pre-teen in mind entering their teen years. Your child is beginning to feel the pull, pressure and power of their peers and yet need the safe anchor your parent teen relationship provides. Not quite a child and not yet an adult your child’s developing brain drives your teen’s sense of justice, questioning life, examining who they are, forming their identity and thinking about what they might like to do and be in their lives is the hallmark of life and their ceremony.

Cóisir na nÓg and Coming of Age for Pre-Teens are available ‘as Gaeilge’ for Gaelscoileanna and for teaghlaigh le Gaeilge mar teanga an tí.’

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