Courageously Co-Parenting


Courageously Co-Parenting Course

Courageously Co-Parenting is a 5 module E-course giving you the tools and guidance to parent with courage, compassion and in a child centred way.

It is a stand alone self directed programme. If you require additional support, you can purchase a bundle of support sessions or, choose to attend the Group Co-Parenting course.

Designed for expectant co-parents and co-parenting an infant, toddler, pre schooler, school aged pre-teen and teenager

What will you learn in this
Co-Parenting course?

Informed by the Early Years defines Child Development and how each area of a child’s development is interconnected and unique to each child. You will attain knowledge of how a child’s brain is wired to grow, develop and connect with you. Understand how a child’s healthy and whole development depends on the care experiences a baby and young child receives in their early years. Explore how Co-Parents as their child’s architect and teacher can build and maintain solid brain foundations. Learn how stress is felt by a baby and young child with a brief glance into another caring experience a baby and young child may feel that of toxic stress and trauma. Play ideas to support care experiences and enhancing a baby and young child’s whole development complete your first module.

  • Lesson 1: What is Child Development? (10.05)
  • Lesson 2: Baby’s Brain Development (10.27)
  • Lesson 3: How early Co-Parenting care experiences shapes the brain. (7.48)
  • Lesson 4: Ways you can build and maintain solid brain foundations. (9.30)
  • Lesson 5: Stress and your Baby. (7.11)
  • Lesson 6: Toxic Stress and Trauma. (17.12)
  • Lesson 7: Play Ideas to support care experiences and enhance development. (11.09)

Video 72.42 Min  + PDF

Module 2

Being a “good enough” Co-Parent delves into what being a good enough parent is in the context of Co-Parenting. The process of self regulation and co-regulation is examined including the necessary step of being present, no easy task in our first world society and culture. Learn how attachment is formed together with developmental concepts of a young child such as trust, permanence, and a positive internal working model. Wonder and ponder a little about what it may feel like to be a young child in Co-Parenting families weaving what a young child’s developmental needs in how best you as their Co-Parent can support your child achieve a secure attachment.

  • Lesson 1: Becoming and being a “good enough” Co-Parent. (17.54)
  • Lesson 2: Self-Regulation. (21.12)
  • Lesson 3: Being Present. (7.13)
  • Lesson 4: Attachment relationship: How and when it develops. (32.12)
  • Lesson 5: Attachment and Co-Parenting. (9.24)

Video 87.15 Min  + PDF

Module 3

Exploring, Excavating and Evolving are called into play in this module. We explore Attachment Styles and Parenting Styles. With compassion we explore what you remember of your own relationship with your parents. Our excavating leads us to a very general introduction to our subconscious, and conscious minds and meeting the ego. We conclude with your invitation to place your childs’ developing needs at the heart and soul of your daily interactions and Co-Parenting plan. As you ready yourself to the possibility on your co-parenting journey of self discover and of evolving I anchor you in the two part question. What is your child feeling right now in your family and what is your child going to remember of you being their “good enough” Co-Parent at this challenging time?

  • One Lesson: Exploring Attachment Styles and Parenting Styles. Meet and greet your subconscious, conscious mind, and ego. Reflective exercises from this module’s accompanying PDF.

Video 24.24 Min  + PDF

Module 4

Co-Parenting and Feelings opens with why and how non-directive play therapy can be a support to your child and how it can help your child and Co-Parenting family. Feelings Co-Parents may experience such as loss, grief are explored. Learn how conflict and acrimony can be toxic to young children. Utilising my skills as a play therapist I will guide you through emotions your baby and young child may feel processing their experiences in your co-parenting family throughout this module. I share the stages of play and how to create special play time that can help you to support your little one manage their feelings and learn to self-regulate. 

  • Lesson 1: Why and how Play Therapy can support your child. (11.01)
  • Lesson 2: Exploring feelings of loss and grief whilst Co-Parenting. (8.47)
  • Lesson 3: Conflict and Co-Parenting. (6.34)
  • Lesson 4: How Conflict and Acrimony can be toxic to babies and young children. (7.37)
  • Lesson 5: Ways you can help support your child heal and process their experience of Co-Parenting. (7.29)

Video 40.48 Min  + PDF

Module 5

Child Inclusive Co-Parenting Plans explores how you can create and birth your child centered parenting plan that has your child’s developmental needs at its heart and soul. International research which informs and guides the needs of children from 0-5 years experiencing divorce and separation is covered and is relevant for older Co-Parents of children and teens. Your unique Co-Parenting Plan needs to match the practicalities of your lives recognising that work, life and illnesses will pop up and up scuttle the best laid plans which happens whether you are living together or apart. Interwoven throughout this module are two central questions needing careful consideration – as your baby and young child develops how are you going to adapt your parenting plan in a child centered way? How are you going to know if your plan is working? Key behaviours you may observe in your baby and young child are listed which is their way of letting you know how they are feeling. I will share ideas how you can support your baby and young child with their feelings as they transition to Co-Parenting and being in your Co-Parenting family.

  • Lesson 1: Gathering your investments. (5.51)
  • Lesson 2: What is at the heart and soul of your child centered Co-Parenting plan? (5.20)
  • Lesson 3: Co-Parenting Voyage Log. (6.38)
  • Lesson 4: Co-Parenting Scenarios. (10.21)
  • Lesson 5: Key behaviours that show your baby and young child is feeling stressed. (4.06)
  • Lesson 6: Ways you can support your baby and young child with their experience of being in your Co-Parenting family. (13.01)
  • Lesson 7: Ways you can support your baby and young child with their experience of your Co-Parenting plan. (19.25)

Video 63.62 Min  + PDF

School Aged Child explores what unfolds in a typically healthy 6 – 10 year old child through eight short video lessons. 

  • Lesson 1: Introduction (10.18)        
  • Lesson 2: Sibling Relationships (10.54)
  • Lesson 3: Magical Thinking  (06.20)
  • Lesson 4: Brain Development  (05.19)
  • Lesson 5: Friendships (09.44)
  • Lesson 6: Feelings (26.58)
  • Lesson 7: Self-Esteem and Resilience (16.42)
  • Lesson 8: Ways to support your School Aged Child whilst Co-Parenting (11.29)

 A PDF completes this Add on including resources, a parental check list to enhance your childs’ self-esteem and handouts to support and sustain you courageously Co-Parenting. 

Video 96 Min + PDF

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Pre-Teen and Co-Parenting zooms in on being 11 and 12 years old.  I weave experiences of pre-teens, their Co-Parents and being in a Co-Parenting family throughout. 

  • Lesson 1: Introduction + Egocentrism (23.25)  
  • Lesson 2: Brain Development  (12.43)   
  • Lesson 3: Increasing Independence (11.18)     
  • Lesson 4: Pull of Peers and Pals (20.44)  
  • Lesson 5: Ways to help you support your Pre-Teen whilts Co-Parenting (09.37)  

Your PDF includes a checklist to support your Pre-Teen whilst Co-parenting and explores how you experienced your Pre-Teen years.

Video 76.67 Min  + PDF

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Your Course Instructor

Advocate for the child

Eithne is a Children’s Therapist and specialises in supporting parents who are Co-Parenting.

Her style is inclusive, kind and with a firm empathetic manner in guiding you to create your child inclusive practical plans.

Practical Tools

She gives you tools, knowledge and keeps your child’s needs and voice at the heart and soul of your parenting agreement.


Rooted in science, expertise and experience both personal and professional, Eithne helps you understand your child’s developmental needs.

Secondary School Teacher Early Childhood Educator Funeral Celebrant Play Therapist Parent Coach Co Parenting Therapist Supervisor Services in Irish

Eithne Drinan

Co-Parenting Therapist

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A stand alone 5 module online course for families that are Co-Parenting. 

For the cost of an hour with your solicitor.

What Co-Parents are saying

"With Eithne’s wealth of experience she develops an immediate strong trusting bond with parents allowing understanding and awareness seep through to parent and child."
"With Eithne’s extensive knowledge, advice and guidance you feel and your child will feel “you’ve got this”. Trust the knowledge you gain as it enables you to smooth the challenges you will face today and in the future."
"I highly recommend Eithne. She made me understand my own child by opening communication skills, understanding what my child was really trying to tell me."
"And she does that in an incredible way for parents and children. Thank you so much for your care."

Two ways to learn

You can do this course in two ways. Watch the lessons at your own time. 

Or, join a community of like minded and heart-minded parents and learn together over Zoom Group Sessions.

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What you get in my Zoom Group Co-Parenting Sessions:


6 Week Online Group Programme

  • Eithne helps you understand your child’s developmental needs.
  • Her inclusive, empathic and kind leadership style guides you in strengthening your connection with your child.
  • Get tools, knowledge and feel your courage in keeping your child’s needs and voice at the heart and soul of your parenting agreements.

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