Courageously Celebrating

Celebrating life and key moments is very important for our wellbeing, spiritual development and our sense of belonging.

My professional life has always been centred around children, this is deeply connect to my love of people, life and my deep desire to help others honour or shared human life stories and experiences. I am a professionally trained Family Life and Funeral Celebrant. I help families create personal services to celebrate major life events such as the arrival of a new baby and Coming of Age ceremonies. Marking of time, nature and connection with the deeper layers of our human experience nourish my soul and well being. As your Funeral Celebrant I create, write and deliver Funeral Services with professionalism, sensitivity and kindness whilst honouring and celebrating your loved one’s life and legacy and in this way I am supporting your grieving journey. It would be my deepest honour to work with you to personalise your ceremony.
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When I was seven years old, my newborn baby brother contracted meningitis in hospital leaving him profoundly disabled. His life has had a deep lasting influence on me, mostly positively. He is the reason I have always worked with children, pulling on my own capacity to tune into those who have no words or are unable to articulate how they feel or what they need.

I have a deep sense of social justice, of being of service and empowering others. My approach is inclusive, supportive, an affirming presence and advocate for all especially children, parents and families.

I value my own spiritual practice and I offer services as an accredited, ethical and independent Family Life Celebrant and as a Funeral Celebrant. This feeds and fuels my need to serve and circles back to children and families.

Family Life Celebrant


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