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My experience of being the eldest child and a big sister to a younger brother who was profoundly disabled strongly influenced the direction of my life’s work which is deeply focused on children’s education and well-being. I have always been an advocate for ‘the child’: giving their story and their needs a voice, especially to their parents and relevant professionals.

My professional career began as a secondary school teacher, followed by Montessori teaching. I have worked on both sides of the Atlantic in a variety of settings – teaching inner city marginalized populations in New Jersey and later moving to Florida, USA. Ten years later I re-crossed the Atlantic and maintained my focus interest in children’s needs and advocacy qualifying in 2008 as an accredited Child Centered Play Therapist.

Through my 15 years of play therapy work, I have observed patterns with children and their parents, which led me to providing Parenting Support as a Children’s Therapist. I am empathetic, authentic and seek to help parents bring the child’s voice to the heart of parenting and family life. I bring my heart and soul to my work.

Designed for expectant co-parents and co-parenting an infant, toddler, pre schooler, school aged pre-teen and teenager

Co-Parenting Support

Co-Parenting Therapist was birthed to reflect the changing needs of our society and the benefits of Co-Parenting support.

I am enthusiastic about collaborating with parents, sharing my expertise and my practical toolkit. My mission is to inspire a movement of parents to Co-Parent with compassion, courage and be child centered. This is not always an easy journey, and I am here to support you every step of the way.

Secondary School Teacher Early Childhood Educator Funeral Celebrant Play Therapist Parent Coach Co Parenting Therapist Supervisor Services in Irish

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Check out my linkedin profile which shows more details on my qualifications, training and experience.

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